Little Elliot

Little Elliot, Big Family

Little Elliot, Big Family

When Mouse heads off to his family reunion, Little Elliot decides go for a walk. As he explores each busy street, he sees families in all shapes and sizes. In a city of millions, Little Elliot feels very much alone—until he finds he has a family of his own!


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Starred Review"Curato fleshes out Little Elliot’s personality in this installment—there are glimmers of a character with real depth beneath his cutie-pie visage—while continuing to come up with wonderful, Hopperesque images of a bygone New York.” - Publishers Weekly

Starred Review"Employing a restrained text, Curato mines the visuals for emotional impact…Young children will easily relate to Elliot’s experience of loneliness and his relief at inclusion, both convincingly captured in this elegant tale." - Kirkus Reviews

"…this picture book is warm and inviting. The illustrations are rich and interesting…The art creates an inviting atmosphere that draws readers in and keeps them lingering on each page, while the text tells an appealing story of family and friendship." - School Library Journal

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Little Elliot, Big City Activity Kit

Even amid the hustle and bustle of the big city, Little Elliot finds time to enjoy a little something sweet.

This activity kit contains everything you need to sweeten up your day with a little fun, including: a maze activity, spot the difference, draw your own decorations, a cupcake recipe, Little Elliot cupcake liners, Little Elliot cupcake toppers, and Little Elliot coloring sheets!

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